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Chef’s Gallery

August 20, 2014


Whoops, time has slipped by me again. Same excuse, life getting in the way, but there was also a short getaway to Sydney. It was nice to get away from the daily grind and chilly Melbourne to enjoy the mild and sunny days of Sydney’s winter. Every time I’m in Sydney, I’m always a little […]

Bright Autumn Festival

June 2, 2014


As we have come to the close of my favourite season and entering into the winter months, I thought I’d reminisce a little on our mild autumn weather by showing off a couple of pictures taken from this year’s Bright Autumn Festival. The Bright Autumn Festival is an annual event to celebrate the beautiful warm […]

Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier at The Star

September 3, 2013


Sydney has many big names in food, but Adriano Zumbo has piqued my curiousity more than others. He burst onto the scene during the first season of Masterchef and since then has become the much feared ‘dessert master’ for many pressure tests on the show. His popularity (or notoriety) on the show then became a […]


July 24, 2013


Lucky me, I managed to have another quiet little escape out of Melbourne the other week. This time to Warrnambool. Warrnambool is about 3 hours south west of Melbourne down by the coast. It’s also known as the “windy city”. It was another bit of good fortune that on the day I visited the sun […]

Yarra Valley in winter

June 24, 2013


How cold has it been recently? My little outdoor thermometer has been registering only 2°C when I wake up in the morning – and I usually get up after the sun is out! Brrr… It’s so easy to miss summer and resent the cold. Who isn’t longing for the return of more sun and warm […]

Otway Fly & Treetop Walk and Wickens Delicatessen & Provedore

March 20, 2013


No visit to Apollo Bay would be complete without a venture towards the lush greenery that is the Otway Ranges. I love the long winding drive from the coast up to the forest. The driving experience was enhanced with my zippy little manual but even if you’re not in the driving seat, it feels so […]

Sand sculpting exhibition and Peter’s fish and chips

January 31, 2013


Aside from baking, I did another very Aussie thing over the Australia Day long weekend – I went to the beach. Frankston beach specifically, to see the sand sculpting exhibition at the Frankston Waterfront. For those interested, the exhibition is on until the end of April 2013 and costs $12.50 for an adult entry and […]

A couple of markets around town

May 27, 2012


My love of markets started at a young age. I have fond memories of our family’s weekly treks to the good old Vic Market. Mum and Dad would hustle us onto a tram or occasionally bundle us into the back seat of their very run down little hatch to fetch the essentials for the week. […]

South Melbourne Street Fair

February 19, 2012


I love a good old fashioned street fair. We don’t have enough of them in Melbourne. But this Sunday, the sun was out and made for a glorious day to stroll around South Melbourne as the proud locals showed off their wares. Businesses from the area set up marquees or operated on the street. What […]

October/November mashup

November 15, 2011


So it looks like we’re speeding towards the end of the year here and the absence in posts for the last month is really just a reflection of how busy things have been.  I am beginning to amass quite a large backlog of posts to be written, and I’m afraid I’m not likely to get […]

The Village Larder

August 29, 2011


En route home to Melbourne, I’d very strategically planned a pit stop at the very sweet looking town that is Woodend. Why? Because the sun was out, I wanted to stretch my legs and cue drum roll: it is home to The Village Larder (81 High Street, Woodend VIC). As you should know, food is […]

The Dispensary Enoteca

August 27, 2011


Every now and then, this city girl needs to take a break from all the traffic and dramas of city living. So it was on a typically grey overcast winter’s day that I packed my bags, boarded a vline train out of Southern Cross Station and bid a nonchalant farewell to Melbourne – a least for […]

Ski season is upon us

June 15, 2011


Queen’s birthday; the last public holiday of the year, well until November. Ugh, 5 months of solid Monday to Friday until then! But on the brighter side of things…ski season officially opens. Twas a dark and foggy day that we ventured up to Mount Buller for some fun in the snow. It made for some […]

China: A taste of Wai Po Jia

June 14, 2011


Wai Po Jia, have you heard of it? No, it’s not a city or province in China so perhaps that’s why you’re scratching your head. It’s actually a restaurant franchise translated as ‘The Grandma’s’ with venues across most of north eastern and central China and it will be clear very soon why it deserves its own post. I know […]

Spring in Hangzhou

June 4, 2011


Can there be a surer sign of winter upon us than waking up in pitch black shivering in cold? As we plunge headfirst into the coldest of seasons, I thought it would be nice to remind us of what’s on the other side of winter. Spring. A time when you awaken to birds chirping and […]

China: A taste of Hangzhou

May 24, 2011


Oh what a glorious city Hangzhou is. Renowned for its history, natural beauty, Dragon Well tea and delicious cuisine, this was a must visit city for me. The food did not disappoint, no doubt the best city (at least amongst the ones I managed to visit on this voyage) for eating. My food highlights from […]

China: A taste of Suzhou

May 24, 2011


Having only spent a day in this fine city, it is hard to comment on its food, but here goes. Arriving in the city hungry having foregone breakfast meant that we found the ‘snack street’ pretty quickly. Snacks included things like tofu, fried dumplings, soup noodles and the likes. Out of curiousity, we tried these […]

China: A taste of Shanghai

May 24, 2011


Rather than being neglectful, the two month long silence is due to what I’d loosely term as ‘research’. Well, it was definitely a learning experience in the least! Four weeks plus in China will teach you quite a lot about the cuisine, so here are some of my major take outs from the trip. While I will […]

Wine Bank on View

October 15, 2010


It has been a strange introduction into spring this year. There’s been some really brilliantly warm and sunny days and then there’s been wild storms and a return to the freezing single digit temperatures. Crazy Melbourne weather. Only, it hasn’t just been Melbourne…seems like the rest of State and potentially other parts of Australia are […]