MissC cooks

Misadventures in the kitchen


Abacus beads 
Ants climbing on a tree
Avocado, bacon and eggs smash
Barramundi with chorizo lentils
Beef tataki
Cantonese style steamed fish
Cauliflower mac and cheese
Cauliflower popcorn
Chazuke with teriyaki salmon
Chicken and quinoa salad
Chicken "noodle" salad
Chinese spring onion pancakes
Chinese style roast pork
Chorizo and potato frittata
Clear chicken stock and a quick noodle soup
Conpoy and egg white fried rice (瑤柱蛋白炒飯)
Coriander and cashew dip
Coriander and chilli scrambled eggs
Corn fritters
Dry fried spicy beans
Duck l'orange
Easy fish pie
Eggplant in a spicy coconut gravy
Eggplant, quinoa, barley and hazelnut salad
Fig, prosciutto and hazelnut salad
Fish in spicy coconut sauce
Frenchy French toast
Grain salad
Halloumi and caramelised figs salad
Honey soy chicken and chicken rice
Maple roasted ribs with apple, cucumber and orange salad
Master stock
Nobu's miso 'black cod' (miso marinated fish)
Pan fried beef buns (生煎牛肉包)
Purple carrots
Roast chicken with pearl couscous and roast sweet potato salad
Salmon and potato cakes with truffle oil
Shredded chicken, sesame and noodle salad
Spaghetti and zucchini strips in sichuan pepper oil
Spice rubbed pork, walnut sauce with corn and quinoa salad 
Spring rolls
Steamed taro cake (芋頭糕)
Sticky rice and chicken in lotus leaf (lor mai gai)
Sweet and spicy chicken ribs
Swordfish with burnt butter sauce and potato salad
Tuna patties
Twice cooked spicy pork belly (回鍋肉)
Vietnamese meatballs (nem nuong)
Vietnamese meatballs (nem nuong) take 2
Vietnamese pâté chaud (bánh patê sô)
Warm beef and watercress salad
Wuxi ribs  
Zucchini slice


Almond bread
Apple berry crumble
Apple pastry roses
Barley water
Black sesame and green tea panna cotta
Black sesame ice cream
Bubble tea
Bubur chacha (摩摩喳喳)
Caramel popcorn ice cream
Chinese New Year cake (nian gao)
Coconut cupcakes with pandan sago pudding filling and pandan buttercream
Coffee nut loaf
Creamy mango sorbet
Crème caramel
Double chocolate chunk cookies
Ginger crème brûlée
Green tea and chocolate tart
Hazelnut and chocolate baci
Jackfruit and 'pomegranate' in coconut soup (chè mít hạt lựu)
Kaya in ~15 minutes
Pandan and coconut macaron
Peanut and cashew toffee cookies
Pistachio meringues with summer berries
Pomegranate and floral green tea
Swedish strawberry cake (jordgubbstårta)
Smashed meringue and salted caramel swirl ice cream
Steamed tapioca layer cake
Strawberry kiwi 'mojito'
Strawberry panna cotta
Sweet corn and sticky rice pudding (chè bắp) 
Toblerone cheesecake
Warming ginger tea
Watermelon, lychee and mint refresher
Young coconut jellies
Young coconut sorbet
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