Wine Bank on View

Posted on October 15, 2010


It has been a strange introduction into spring this year. There’s been some really brilliantly warm and sunny days and then there’s been wild storms and a return to the freezing single digit temperatures. Crazy Melbourne weather. Only, it hasn’t just been Melbourne…seems like the rest of State and potentially other parts of Australia are experiencing fluctuations of this sort.

So anyhow, it was on a particularly wet and windy Spring’s day that I’d ventured into Bendigo to sample what regional Victoria had to offer. I’ve had some pretty great dining experiences out in the regions in the past, and let me say, this time was no different. My host took me to a cute little establishment called Wine Bank on View (45 View Street, Bendigo VIC).  As the name suggests, it’s both a cafe and wine merchant offering up some of Bendigo’s finest wines set in a heritage listed old bank.

I love these old buildings, they have such great character and real sense of history about them. It’s all very charming, high ornate ceilings and shelves and shelves of wine. It does feel like a wine bank! And yes I am aware that the photo above isn’t great, but it was taken as I was seated and I was trying to be discreet. I didn’t want to appear like a complete tourist!

It was to be another decadent lunch this week, this time starting with an entree of chicken liver pate and warm ciabatta. I’ve always been partial to pate, but even more so these days…maybe my body is craving the iron? Anyway I digress, it was a very generous dish for $7! Lots of crusty bread to go with the delicate and slightly sweet pate. Wash that down with a nice beverage of sorts and you’ll be happy as pie.

I then over committed myself to a main. After all that carb and protein, it was probably not the smartest of moves…but boy am I glad I made it. The grilled kingfish with spinach and pinenut salad and crispy tahini potatoes was quite a treat for $26. Again, it was a generous portion. More than I could handle. And it was tasty. The flavours worked well together and the fish was beautifully cooked. Others might mark it down a bit because the fillet still had a few bones through it, but I had no qualms with it. I always watch out for bones in fish anyway.

My companions had the mini sausage rolls which looked really good and apparently had a nice hit of heat (chilli) in them. The Sri Lankan curry also smelt lovely and all round it was happy faces. So if you’re ever in that neck of the woods, I’d suggest a drop in on this particular Bank as, I dare say, it’s the only bank you’ll ever leave feeling full and content.