Spring in Hangzhou

Posted on June 4, 2011


Can there be a surer sign of winter upon us than waking up in pitch black shivering in cold? As we plunge headfirst into the coldest of seasons, I thought it would be nice to remind us of what’s on the other side of winter. Spring. A time when you awaken to birds chirping and flowers coming into bloom.

I was lucky enough to experience Spring in Hangzhou. The temperature was still chilly in the early morning and dusk, but rather mild during the day. The sky may have looked bleak with grey overtones, but the scenery was positively alive with colour. Splashes of greens, pinks and whites coloured the many parklands that surround the West Lake area.

Sakura (cherry blossoms) season was also in full swing. It almost looked like snow when the light petals were drifting in the wind. Hope some of the pictures will help brighten up the dreary days to come.

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