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Göz city

March 29, 2014


If you’ve ever had a gözleme from the stall at the Queen Victoria Market night market, chances are you’ve wondered the same thing as me: why isn’t there a shop/cafe selling these outside of the night market?! Well finally the food world has responded and given us  Göz city (502 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC). […]


February 4, 2013


It’s no coincidence that Malaysian food has seen a surge in popularity around the same time Poh Ling Yeow and Adam Liaw found success both on and after Masterchef. I’m willing to bet that there’s at least a little bit of cause and effect going on. It’s actually a little surprising that it took so […]

Taste of Melbourne 2012

November 27, 2012


For the past 2 years since I started this blog, I’ve been writing about the annual ‘Taste’ festivals. This year it was held outdoors, in the green fields of Albert Park. So you know the deal by now. Pay ~$30 entrance fee to get into the event and then exchange your dollars for ‘crowns’, which […]

Touchè Hombre

November 24, 2012


Sometimes I’m happy to be proven wrong. The following story will highlight one of those times. I had originally dismissed Touchè Hombre (corner Lonsdale Street and Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne VIC) as some bar that’s popped up to capitalise on the currently trending Mexican food scene in Melbourne. I didn’t think much of it. Sure it […]

The Waiting Room

October 25, 2012


So The Waiting Room (Crown Casino Hotel Lobby, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC) just made it past its 2nd birthday as Neil Perry announces his departure from the bar. Apparently Mr Perry wants to wind back his involvement in the lobby bar/high tea venue to focus on his restaurant ventures (Rockpool, Spice Temple and the […]

Welcome to Winter Melbourne

June 1, 2012


Bottega (74 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC) is giving away free snack sized pork rolls to warm you up this winter. It’s part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Roast Series in June. It’s delicious free range pork from the the folk at Western Plains Pork. Fresh off the spit to your tummy from noon […]

San Telmo

March 1, 2012


In the past couple of years, Latin America has become extremely fashionable in Melbourne. What with the onslaught of Latino foodie favourites (hello Mamasita, Los Latinos, Taco Truck et al.), the popularity of salsa dance classes and Machu Picchu becoming the ultimate travel destination for every trendy young Melbournian; how could you think otherwise? It’s […]

Myer Mural Hall High Tea

January 8, 2012


If there is something I love more than just eating, it would be an eating event or occasion. Especially if there’s a little bit of glamour thrown in the mix. No doubt the Myer Mural Hall High Tea (Level 6, 314-336 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC) meets that criteria. Perched on the highest level of the […]

Mister Close

November 23, 2011


Of all things to name your cafe, I can’t imagine why one would name it after their high school geography teacher. I suppose my year 9 geography teacher was quite memorable, but for all the wrong reasons…So anyhow, as the story goes, 2 young boys met in year 8 in Mr Close’s class and viola, […]

Laksa Bar

November 22, 2011


It was one of the few laneway areas that hadn’t yet been jazzed up with funky cafes and cool bars, but that was always bound to change. And the tide had finally came. Little Lonsdale Street up towards the Exhibition/Spring Street end is finally getting its fair share of foodie activity. Thanks to the arrival […]

October/November mashup

November 15, 2011


So it looks like we’re speeding towards the end of the year here and the absence in posts for the last month is really just a reflection of how busy things have been.  I am beginning to amass quite a large backlog of posts to be written, and I’m afraid I’m not likely to get […]

Taste of Melbourne 2011 and questioning the love of red velvet cakes

September 23, 2011


I’m going to try make up for my very poor write up of the Taste of Melbourne 2010 last year and be more detailed this time round. So evidently, the time has come again for the food festival that takes place at the Royal Exhibition Building; a time to sample many of the fine restaurants […]

Coconut House

September 6, 2011


Coconut House (449 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC) is the type of place that makes me miss being a student, because this is just the sort of place I would have loved to frequent as a student. As a matter of fact, its prototypical clientele is a young student. And why not? It ticks all the boxes […]

The Hardware Societe

September 5, 2011


Third time lucky hey? It took 3 goes (1 where my dear friend refused to wait for a table and another when they closed for a short period over winter – just my luck!) till I signed up to The Hardware Societe (120 Hardware Street, Melbourne VIC) appreciation club. It’s already a very long list of members in case […]


August 11, 2011


There aren’t many reviews out there on Lupino (41 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC) just yet because it’s still pretty much brand spankin’ new! Prior to visiting, all I was told was that it’s an Italian bistro. I can now confirm that it is indeed Italian and further, it hosts a small menu of pizza, pasta […]

Shanghai Street

August 9, 2011


After sampling the real deal in Shanghai earlier this year, I’d near lost interest in Shanghai dumplings in the city. It was only after a friend’s friend’s recommendation (long story) that I came to try Shanghai Street (342 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC). Unlike most popular dumplings places though, this one is not found in […]

1000 £ Bend

July 13, 2011


It’s winter, I’ve been hibernating and as such, have not ventured out nearly as much as I’d like. But I did manage to find time for a spot of brunch the very funky looking 1000 £ Bend Cafe (361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC). This place has caught my eye a number of times when I’m wandering through […]

Cabinet Bar and Balcony

June 21, 2011


Having been on the scene for well over 3 years, Cabinet Bar and Balcony (11 Rainbow Ally, Melbourne VIC) is a Melbourne mainstay in my books. In fact I would say it’s one of those places that epitomizes Melbourne. So much so that I tried, although it was in vain, to secure a booking there one […]


February 24, 2011


Trunk (275 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC) is such a funky looking place. I think it has something to do with the old red brick building being a little set back from the pavement…all in the middle of Melbourne’s CDB. It looks completely out of place amongst all the not so pretty high rises around it. […]

The Tea Room

February 24, 2011


Surely I can’t be the only one noticing that English trends are becoming more and more popular? I’m talking foodie trends of course. 1. Cider – a drink favoured by our soccer loving counterparts has been gaining in Melbourne watering holes. Many places even have a range of ciders on tap now; that’s when you […]