A collection of misadventures from MissC – mostly about food, whether it be eating out or playing around with recipes.

Who am I?

I’m just a girl in love with food, fashion and the endless pursuit of some fun. I hail from Melbourne, Victoria in what is known as ‘the lucky country’. Coming from the land Downunder, my view of the world will naturally be a little upside down from time to time.

Hmm not too sure what else to reveal about myself… I kind of like the anonymity of the internet. I feel that sometimes when people know only parts of my background, they make certain assumptions about me. These assumptions are sometimes accurate, and sometimes quite far off the mark. So why not remove these preconceptions and start with a blank canvas? And even then, I know people will come to strange conclusions. For example one commenter in the past has accused me of being 1) racist and 2) white; neither of which I am.

Blogging Philosophy

I don’t have any particularly evil pursuits (except overeating, overfeeding people and spending too much money!), and I don’t intend to offend or upset anyone. All views expressed are my own, you are of course entitled to disagree with me. Spirited debates are most welcome. The world is no fun if we all agreed with each other.

I eat at many places, not all of which I blog about. You will notice a lack of posts about any of my fine dining adventures, mostly because if I’m paying that much for food, I want to be fully immersed in the experience, not thinking about how I’d write it up later. I also don’t write about places I dislike or had a particularly bad experience in. Generally for me to blog about a place, I must have liked it on some level or saw potential in it. If I’m criticisizing an element(s) of a dining venue, I am hoping that it is of a constructive nature.

All food and drinks are paid for by yours truly or my long suffering friends. I’m not a professional food writer/critic, so I don’t get paid for expressing my opinions online. I’ve not yet been offered free food or any other special ‘blogger’ discounts, but if anyone is thinking about it, I’m open to these things 😉 – this hobby of mine does get expensive! Of course, if I ever do get a freebie/discount, I promise it will be clearly stated in the post.

I shoot with a number of different cameras including a newly acquired dslr. All photos on this blog are taken by yours truly unless indicated otherwise (by crediting the owner of the photo and providing a link back to their page). Most of the photos haven’t been altered/retouched because I’m a complete newb with any photo editing software. Photos have been compressed because how much detail do you really need to see? Also I feel like this discourages people from taking my images without permission or acknowledgement. The only edits to my photos are usually minor cropping and/or colour corrections.

If you would like to use any content; text, recipes or photographs from this blog, please provide a link back and/or let me know. And I promise to do the same. In the case that you have something particularly pressing to say, seek and you shall findmissc at gmail dot com. Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. assyouwiss

    April 8, 2013

    hello, may i know where i can find “green tea meltykiss candy” in melbourne? what’s the name of asian grocers sell this stuff? and if possible the address, please…. thx

    • Hi assyouwiss, I have seen the Meiji Green Tea Meltykiss at Great Eastern Groceries at 185 Russell Street in the city centre. Not sure if they are always available or if it’s seasonal, but they definitely stock the Meltykiss range. Good luck tracking them down =)


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