Göz city

Posted on March 29, 2014


If you’ve ever had a gözleme from the stall at the Queen Victoria Market night market, chances are you’ve wondered the same thing as me: why isn’t there a shop/cafe selling these outside of the night market?! Well finally the food world has responded and given us  Göz city (502 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC). Yay for year round access to gözleme!


As far as I’m aware, Göz city is the first shop front in Melbourne to specialise in gözleme, a Turkish flatbread stuffed with various fillings (think meats, cheese, veggies or a combination of these). The venue is relatively small, with a large portion of the space dedicated to benches for the constant rolling and flipping of dough. Counter space is taken up with a serious espresso machine pumping out Toby’s Estate coffee and glass shelving featuring salads, small snacks and a few sweet treats. Seating is pretty limited; a cosy bench for 2 in the front window, seating for up to 6 along the side bench and 3 small tables for 2 at the back. So far Göz city is only open on weekdays, largely catering to the corporate lunch crowd. Tip is either get in for an early or late lunch to avoid the queue and to bag a seat. (You can tell I was here for a later lunch since all the goodies in the shelves have disappeared!)


Göz city rotates their menu offerings on a fairly regular basis and their facebook postings indicate that they run Thursday specials. Past specials have included a “Ryan Göz-ling” with a sweet filling of dark chocolate, strawberry and walnuts and a Japanese inspired filling of teriyaki and sesame chicken. Unfortunately for me, it was not a Thursday when I visited.

My dining companions and I decided to share our orders and got the mince, herbed chicken and the cheese and spinach gözlemes ($10 each, or $12 deal featuring a gözleme and drink). The gözlemes are quite sizeable and arrive cut up into 9 pieces which make it handy for both sharing and eating on the go. A small dish of yogurt is served on the side so you can heap on as much or as little as you like. Condiments including hot sauce, chilli flakes and a squeezy bottle of lemon juice are also available to add extra punch to the flat bread.


Here’s a picture of the filling for the spiced chicken and cheese and spinach gözlemes. The filling for the mince gözleme looked quite similar to the herbed chicken; except it’s a different meat (I suspect it’s lamb mince, although this wasn’t defined on the board, nor did I get a chance to ask), has a slightly different flavour profile and didn’t have any chopped onions.


These gözlemes we sampled were tasty and very filling. The 3 of us were unanimous in concluding that the mince gözleme was the tastiest, followed by the cheese and spinach with the herbed chicken coming in last. The herbed chicken came third because we felt that compared with the other fillings, it was a touch bland and could have done with a bit of extra flavour.

Aside from coffee, Göz city stock a Turkish soft drink by the name of Legendary Uludag Gazoz. They carry both the fruit flavour and the orange flavour. Out of curiousity I tried the clear coloured fruit flavoured as part of my meal deal. I couldn’t discern any particular fruit flavour in the drink. It was quite sweet and rather reminiscent of a lolly we would have eaten back in our childhood. While we couldn’t actually name the lolly it reminded us of, we agreed that it tasted like ‘lolly water’. The other ice tea drink pictured below is not included in the meal deal special and incurs an extra 50c.


Göz city is a welcome addition to our lunching venues in the CBD. It’s at a good price point for a quick lunch and the food will satisfy your taste buds and tummy rumbles. I’m certainly keen to go back on a Thursday to try their more innovative gözleme fillings.