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The Corner Shop

October 29, 2010


While I can easily name more than one gem in the funky Yarraville village, The Corner Shop (9 Ballarat Street, Yarraville VIC) is coming up tops for its creativity, feel, and bang for buck. I’ve been there for lunch and dinner, and have walked out impressed on both occasions. Like most of the other village hangouts, the place […]

Yogurt House

October 25, 2010


The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer, so it’s fairly natural that I’m starting to notice the new chilled sweets bars opening up around Melbourne. The one attracting the most attention is probably the Sydney franchise Passionflower with it’s Melbourne flagship store only opening up in September this year. On the weekends, particularly at night, […]

Dolls at the Mount

October 24, 2010


How better to spend lunch on a gloriously sunny day, than in the company of a good friend for some scones and tea at nan’s place? If only I had a nan who liked to baked scones and have me over for tea. But no worries, for those of us going without, there is Dolls […]

Wine Bank on View

October 15, 2010


It has been a strange introduction into spring this year. There’s been some really brilliantly warm and sunny days and then there’s been wild storms and a return to the freezing single digit temperatures. Crazy Melbourne weather. Only, it hasn’t just been Melbourne…seems like the rest of State and potentially other parts of Australia are […]

Gills Diner

October 14, 2010


What an unassuming name: Gills Diner (360 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC). Perhaps I’ve been overexposed to American TV shows/movies and the like, but the word ‘diner’ conquers up images of a slightly rundown roadside house that would typically serve up tepid filtered coffee and soggy hamburgers off a dingy old grill. The look would […]