Posted on February 24, 2011


Trunk (275 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC) is such a funky looking place. I think it has something to do with the old red brick building being a little set back from the pavement…all in the middle of Melbourne’s CDB. It looks completely out of place amongst all the not so pretty high rises around it. That has got to be part of its cool factor.

That, and the fact that is has a front courtyard with weird giant pot plant things that are filled with terracotta pots instead of soil. It’s a bit hard to explain, best you see the below picture. Although others have commented that it’s actually rather stupid looking and pretty wannabe. You be the judge.

Prior to Trunk taking over, this awesome structure has been home to a number of other things including an Italian restaurant and a Korean BBQ house. I actually remember the Korean BBQ quite fondly, they had some pretty good beef from memory. I digress. Back to the present day and Trunk is more familiar as a bar to me. It’s a nice place to hit up after work for a drink in the sun drenched courtyard. But since they also serve up eats, I had to see how this bar checks out as a dining destination.

In the main dining section, the menu serves up an Italian offering of things including zucchini flowers, thin crust pizzas, pastas and veal scallopini. There’s also a Trunk Diner which serves up more snackish diner type food. Think along the nachos line.

I had lunch in the main area. Pizzas are priced around the $15 mark, with mains in the $20s and smaller dishes being in the teens. Pictured below is the seafood pizza which was quite pleasant. I also tried the mushroom pizza which was just beautiful with really intense flavours of the fungi. Once it became a bit cool though, all the cheese made it a tad rubbery. It’s probably a good pizza to share, otherwise it’d just be too much mushroom for one person to handle. Generally I think the menu is slightly hit and miss. My group sampled a range of items and while some sang high praises, others did not seem nearly as impressed.

From the desserts menu, the nougat parfait with Persian fairy floss and orange blossom syrup was what called out to me ($16 I think), but it wasn’t really what I was expecting. The parfait was pretty chocka block with glace fruits which got a bit overpowering towards the end. All that artificial sweetness from the glace fruits threw me. In my mind, I had wanted a smooth creamy thing with nutty bits. Oh, and they also left the paper around the parfait which was a bit strange. Oh wells.

The home made fruit jubes at $5 a serve was also a let down, it only buys you 2 jubes, which makes for pretty expensive jubes! And no, in case you’re thinking they were huge jubes, they were not. They were bite sized, think of an ice cube in size but rectangular in shape. I’m told they taste a bit of solid jam. Well if you ever wanted a sugar hit at the bar…

In conclusion, I can’t say I will be rushing back for another Trunk dining experience. This venue definitely sits in my books as a good bar to hang out at rather than a foodie destination.

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