A couple of markets around town

Posted on May 27, 2012


My love of markets started at a young age. I have fond memories of our family’s weekly treks to the good old Vic Market. Mum and Dad would hustle us onto a tram or occasionally bundle us into the back seat of their very run down little hatch to fetch the essentials for the week. After the groceries, we would stroll through the other sections of the market and once in a while the parentals will splurge and buy us a cheap toy or knick knack we’ve become fascinated with. I especially remember the day that I managed to convince my parents to buy a rather expensive motorised toy dog that could bark and walk. I loved that dog! Ahh the many treasures that can be found at markets.

So it will come with little surprise that I still frequent markets when given the chance. Aside from the usual regular fresh produce markets and arts/crafts markets around town, here are two new-ish ones I’ve discovered.

People’s Market at Docklands

Every Melbournian knows that without fail, every once in a while our city’s beloved newspapers will feature an article decrying Docklands as an example of failed urban planning. And in fact, if you’re a typical Melbournian who also happens to live outside of the Docklands, you’d probably be nodding in ferocious agreement. Well, while we all complain about it, some people are actually trying to do something about it. Injecting a bit of life, grunge and ‘culture’ if you will. The People’s Market has officially arrived at the Docklands.

Don’t you just love the name? People’s market…there’s something very communal, as well as a bit socialist sounding about it. Situated in a vacant lot underneath the Bolte Bridge and open every Saturday is Melbourne’s newest flea market. Apparently anything and everything can go there. They welcome stalls selling second hand goods, hand made crafts and even food stalls. Actually speaking of food, they’ve managed to lure a couple of big names to open up down there: The League of Honest Coffee, Grill’d and 1,000£ Bend. So check it out if you’re in the area.

Umm, this is a little embarrassing, but the above two paragraphs were written a couple of months ago when I attended the opening. Unfortunately I got around to posting it a little too late, they’re hibernating over the Melbourne’s winter months. It’s currently pegged to return in mid October 2012. And apparently they’re going to be moving too! Outrageous. And here I was praising them for injecting a bit of buzz in the Docklands. Top marks if anyone can tell me where they are relocating to…

Chinatown Night Market at Heffernan Lane

Sometimes being spoilt for choice in Melbourne can be a bad thing. It’s called the paradox of choice, where you’re presented with so many dining options that you just can’t choose. On this particular Friday night, it turned out to be a good thing, because my aimless wandering around led me to find a cute little Night Market on a non-descript lane in Chinatown. It rather felt like being transported to South East Asia to be honest.

Hosted on the 3rd Friday of every month. May 2012 was its third month in rotation and it looks to be going quite well. The little laneway is dotted with stalls selling hawker food. It’s not strictly “Asian”, with a nuts stall and what looked to be a taco truck.

That night I filled my stomach with scrumptious satay skewers served with cucumber slices and little rice patties ($10 for 10 skewers with accompaniments) and a Taiwanese style spring onion roll with the lot ($10). No photos of food this time because it was just so hard holding onto my bag and the food at the same time! Take my word for it though, the food items sampled were delicious.

By my calculations, the next market will be held on Friday 15 June 2012. Put it down on your calendars folks. I for one, will definitely be back to try the other foodstuffs I couldn’t fit in that night.

PS. For some reason, the Only Melbourne site lists the market as a Saturday night thing…but I’m certain I visited on the Friday night, and even one of the stall holders had confirmed it occurred every 3rd Friday. In any case, if in doubt, call the number listed on the Only Melbourne site and double check.

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