Sand sculpting exhibition and Peter’s fish and chips

Posted on January 31, 2013


Aside from baking, I did another very Aussie thing over the Australia Day long weekend – I went to the beach. Frankston beach specifically, to see the sand sculpting exhibition at the Frankston Waterfront. For those interested, the exhibition is on until the end of April 2013 and costs $12.50 for an adult entry and $9 for kids under 12.


Mildly funny story about lunch that day. So we reached the Frankston pier at about noon, and by the time the car was parked, we were starving. It was concluded that fish and chips is the most natural thing to eat at the seaside. Cue hipster on a smart phone with the Urbanspoon app and before you know it, we decided on Peter’s fish and chips (55 Foot Street, Frankston VIC). It’s ranked 9th amongst all Victorian fish and chipperies (this is correct as of 30 Jan 2013), so obviously we needed to eat there. Since parking was already paid for, walking seemed like a fairly smart idea at the time.


Problem was we didn’t bother checking the distance. Unfortunately for us, Peter’s fish and chips shop was not along the main strip near Frankston’s waterfront. It was tucked 2.5km away on a nondescript suburban strip! It took us close to 45 minutes to get there! With the entire journey there being on an incline as well. Note to self, always check distances before committing to a walk.


The other fail was that we didn’t even check whether the shop was open for business that day. Real smart cookies hey? But thankfully Peter’s was open. The decor is as you’d expect of most average fish and chipperies – minimal, and nothing to write home about. It’s a fairly large shop front, with a large hot plate and lots of deep fryers. Actually it is worth noting that Peter’s was very clean and didn’t feel as greasy as most fish and chip shops tend to.


Being a group of 4 that day, we went for the family pack. $32 buys you 4 flakes, 4 potato cakes, 4 dim sims and family sized chips. The serving size was generous and equates to pretty good value at $8 a head. Observant readers might notice that the chips are set against a different background than the fish and potato cakes. That’s because we started munching on some of the chips while we were waiting for a taxi to take us back to the beach :). You didn’t really expect us to walk back did you?!

And what of these fish and chips that we trekked 2.5km for? They’re damn good! Even our taxi driver confirmed that Peter’s is easily the best fish and chip joint in the area. No arguments here. The chips were golden with a crispy crust on the outside and a wonderfully fluffy centre. Just the way good chips should be. Possbily the best fish and chip shop chips I’ve had! Not much to say about the deep fried dimmies; they were were as you’d expect.


Like the chips, the fish and potato cakes had an equally crisp golden batter and a tasty centre. We found the fish to be cooked particularly well with the flesh maintaining its delicacy. You could also opt to get the fish crumbed and grilled instead of battered at no extra charge. However our dimness was clearly in full operation that day; we did not realise there was a grilled option until after our order was made. Doh. A smarter person would have actually gone through the full menu before making their choice…


Anyhow in spite of all our little failings that day, we were smart enough to find this little gem. This is simple fast food done really well. Do give Peter’s fish and chips a try if you’re in the area and feeling like a seaside feed. Just remember to drive to Peter’s first and THEN go down to the beach to enjoy the deep fried goodness.

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