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August 16, 2013


If I’m being completely predictable on a Sunday, you will most likely to find me seated at some cafe in an inner Melbourne suburb sippin’ on a latte ready to order my brunch. But as much as I enjoy cafe hopping, it can feel a little same-same after a while. Most brunch menus tend to […]

San Telmo

March 1, 2012


In the past couple of years, Latin America has become extremely fashionable in Melbourne. What with the onslaught of Latino foodie favourites (hello Mamasita, Los Latinos, Taco Truck et al.), the popularity of salsa dance classes and Machu Picchu becoming the ultimate travel destination for every trendy young Melbournian; how could you think otherwise? It’s […]

Hotel Nest

November 24, 2011


Never being one to shy away from a bargain, I found myself wondering along the rather idyllic streets of Albert Park on a Thursday night. The purpose? To experience Mad Cow Thursday at Hotel Nest (111 Victoria Ave, Albert Park VIC) for their $1 steaks of course. Nope, not a typo, steaks starting at one […]

The Hardware Societe

September 5, 2011


Third time lucky hey? It took 3 goes (1 where my dear friend refused to wait for a table and another when they closed for a short period over winter – just my luck!) till I signed up to The Hardware Societe (120 Hardware Street, Melbourne VIC) appreciation club. It’s already a very long list of members in case […]

The Dispensary Enoteca

August 27, 2011


Every now and then, this city girl needs to take a break from all the traffic and dramas of city living. So it was on a typically grey overcast winter’s day that I packed my bags, boarded a vline train out of Southern Cross Station and bid a nonchalant farewell to Melbourne – a least for […]

Station Hotel

August 5, 2011


On my estimation, there will be three things wrong with the next sentence, let’s see if you can spot them all. Station Hotel (59 Napier Street, Footscray VIC) is a fabulously hip pub with superb food right at the doorstep of the western suburbs. A hip pub, great food in a ‘hotel’ and all in […]

Duchess of Spotswood

July 31, 2010


Review of Duchess of Spotswood - 87 Hudsons Road Spotswood VIC