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Taste of Asia BBQ House

February 21, 2012


We’re still on our last legs of summer, so quite naturally my mind is still set on lazy weekend picnics or barbeques. Speak of barbeques, a new one just opened up not too far from my abode. That, and the fact that it was featured on one of those coupon sites I so enjoy frequenting, […]

Spice rubbed pork, walnut sauce with corn and quinoa salad recipe

February 3, 2012


The inspiration for this dish came from Mamasita. If you haven’t heard of Mamasita, I’m just going to assume you’re not from Melbourne. Let me paint you a picture, Mamasita is a Mexican bar/diner that opened in 2010 where the Recorded Music Salon once was. Since its inception, Mamasita has been ‘the’ place to go. […]

Chinese style roast pork recipe

January 25, 2012


Attempting roast pork belly with crispy crackling is not necessarily something you embark on on a whim. It requires planning and should really be reserved for special occasions. Or so I thought…until I discovered how easy roast pork can be. Seriously, people make it out to be a lot harder than it really is. And […]

Carlton Wine Room

October 11, 2011


Despite being a novice wine drinker at best, I am strangely fond of wine bars. Not so much for the wine aspect as would be the usual case, but for the atmosphere. All the wine bars I’ve had the pleasure of dining in have been so cosy, intimate and relaxed. I love how they’ve got […]

Taste of Melbourne 2011 and questioning the love of red velvet cakes

September 23, 2011


I’m going to try make up for my very poor write up of the Taste of Melbourne 2010 last year and be more detailed this time round. So evidently, the time has come again for the food festival that takes place at the Royal Exhibition Building; a time to sample many of the fine restaurants […]

Shanghai Street

August 9, 2011


After sampling the real deal in Shanghai earlier this year, I’d near lost interest in Shanghai dumplings in the city. It was only after a friend’s friend’s recommendation (long story) that I came to try Shanghai Street (342 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC). Unlike most popular dumplings places though, this one is not found in […]

The Courthouse

July 29, 2011


Looks, the exterior particularly, can be so very deceiving, and The Courthouse (90 Errol Street, North Melbourne VIC) is a prime example of that. I’d actually thought I booked the wrong place when we pulled up to the front of it. It’s a suburban hotel/pub. Didn’t I book a cute little French restaurant? Thankfully, I did not get […]

China: A taste of Wai Po Jia

June 14, 2011


Wai Po Jia, have you heard of it? No, it’s not a city or province in China so perhaps that’s why you’re scratching your head. It’s actually a restaurant franchise translated as ‘The Grandma’s’ with venues across most of north eastern and central China and it will be clear very soon why it deserves its own post. I know […]

China: A taste of Hangzhou

May 24, 2011


Oh what a glorious city Hangzhou is. Renowned for its history, natural beauty, Dragon Well tea and delicious cuisine, this was a must visit city for me. The food did not disappoint, no doubt the best city (at least amongst the ones I managed to visit on this voyage) for eating. My food highlights from […]

Warung Agus

February 6, 2011


Warung Agus (305 Victoria Street, West Melbourne VIC – some sites list it as North Melbourne) has got to be one of the most unassuming and lovely places I’ve had the pleasure of dining in.  In fact, I’ve driven past it a number of times, not knowing of the treasures within. But it just so happened that […]

Ebi fine food

September 21, 2010


Ebi fine food (18A Essex Street, Footscray VIC) is a rather strange name because it doesn’t really mean much. Ebi is the Japanese word for prawn, so effectively the place is called Prawn fine food. Odd. This is not the only strange thing about Ebi. It’s the fact that it’s a Japanese inspired (the name […]

Duchess of Spotswood

July 31, 2010


Review of Duchess of Spotswood - 87 Hudsons Road Spotswood VIC