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~15 minute kaya recipe

April 13, 2014


The last recipe left me with 4 egg yolks to find a use for, and what better than to make some kaya? If you need to ask what kaya is; you have been deprived a great treasure. Commiserations. Kaya is a South East Asian condiment that is widely referred to as a ‘coconut jam’. However if […]

Avocado, bacon and eggs smash

January 6, 2014


Smashed avocado alongside bacon and eggs has pretty much become ubiquitous on brunch menus across Melbourne. It’s not too hard to see why; we’re all trying to pack more greens into our meals and it’s helpful to start the day off on the right foot. But with popularity comes uniformity and we’ve become all too […]

Star apple (牛奶果 or vú sữa)

September 23, 2013


Let me introduce you to a favourite less commonly known tropical fruit of mine – the star apple. The star apple is so nostalgic for me. Though I can’t actually recall eating these as a child, my mum assures me that I did. And certainly when I became reacquainted with star apples in my adolescence, […]

Sticky rice and chicken in lotus leaf (lor mai gai) recipe

May 7, 2013


I love yum cha. It may not seem that way, because I don’t blog about my yum cha adventures very often. In fact, I’ve only ever written about it once. Not sure why that is the case, guess I find it a little difficult to write about. Yum cha for me is always a noisy […]

Purple carrots

August 6, 2012


I had only recently read that carrots were originally purple. Say what? Who decided to suddenly dye all our carrots orange? For the sake of clarity, I think they meant to say that purple carrots were originally more common than what it is today. The orange variety just became the one selectively bred for domestic […]

A couple of markets around town

May 27, 2012


My love of markets started at a young age. I have fond memories of our family’s weekly treks to the good old Vic Market. Mum and Dad would hustle us onto a tram or occasionally bundle us into the back seat of their very run down little hatch to fetch the essentials for the week. […]

A bunch of cakes, and a question of flavourings

August 30, 2011


Seems like the Westside has picked up on an interesting trend; the mingling of two different businesses together. From my experience, it’s usually the pairing of a cafe with some retail business, and there’s a few good examples of that around town. Now just across the road from breakfast royalty is the very girly, rather twee […]