Cobb Lane

Posted on January 18, 2014


Here I am reviewing a bakery/cafe just after saying I rarely take photos when eating out nowadays…well I do like to contradict myself every so often. Keeps life interesting ;). Anyhow Cobb Lane (13 Anderson Street, Yarraville VIC) has been on my radar for a while so I felt like I needed to write this up. I’ve been waiting for a chance to visit Cobb Lane since The Age first reported that a hip new artisan bakery and cafe by Matt Forbes was due to be coming to the West. It’s very satisfying to be able to tick this off my list!


This cute little venue only has indoor seating and can host up to ~16 diners at a time. Word on the street is that it can get very busy during the peak weekend times, so get in early to avoid the queues. Perhaps we visited at a slightly odd time, in the tiny window just after brunch but before lunch, so we managed to find a table on a Sunday without a wait. The decor is light, fresh and minimal. The front north facing window provides maximum lighting during the day and towards the back is the tiny kitchen and counter filled with freshly baked/prepared goodies.


The menu is fairly small, with just a small handful of cooked breakfasts and smaller items such as toast and muesli. A selection of ready made salads and sandwiches are also available from the counter. Pricing is around the $17 mark for cooked dishes and under $10 for smaller items.

I opted for the very fresh sounding ‘Asparagus’ served with baked polenta, watercress, poached eggs, hazelnuts and ‘salad cream’ ($16.50). For the carnivores, bacon can be added when you fork out extra $4.50. The presentation was beautiful and you can just tell the eggs were poached to perfection. Light flavours with the polenta adding a little bulk to the dish. Great breakfast/brunch/lunch option for a hot summer day.


My dining companion went for the much heavier and much talked about British breakfast ($17.50) of Scotch egg, bacon, black pudding and Welsh rarebit (a type of cheesy toast). Quite a decadent dish for the morning, but weekend brunching is meant to be a little indulgent no? Again the Scotch egg was perfect, crisp yet juicy sausage meat on the outside and a lovely oozing egg yolk on the inside. I could eat that by itself! But let’s not neglect the other components of this dish; it all worked well together. Overall a tasty and very filling dish.


Can you see why I’m so impressed with the Scotch egg..?


Though sufficiently stuffed, we couldn’t leave without sampling anything from the sweets selection, so we had to get some to take away (sorry I forgot the price of these, but from vague memory sweet items were between $5 – $8). The blogsphere seems to be abuzz about the donuts, but I remembered hearing that the ginger toffee ball was quite a unique treat so that was my pick. A cute looking gingerbread sponge sphere with a sweetened cream filling. This was nice, but I can’t say I was as enthusiastic about it as the some other people. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a criticism of the sweet. It’s definitely nice, I just think that there may be other more enticing things to try…


For example the peanut butter bar. This, I find more worthy of raving about. Crisp rice puff base and a smooth chocolate peanut butter mousse. Great intense flavour, surely a must order for any fan of the chocolate and peanut butter combo. There is nothing else left to say about it.

All in all I would recommend Cobb Lane. Food was great, coffee was good, pricing reasonable and service was friendly. I think the next visit, I will need to sample one of those famous donuts and maybe I’ll also pick up a loaf or 2 of their house baked breads to take home… And no, it’s not premature to be plotting for a next time already.