Dooley’s Ice Cream – The Ice Cream Tub

Posted on March 12, 2013


I hope everyone has had as relaxing a long weekend as I did. A group of friends and I escaped the Melbourne heat wave in search for some respite down at the surf coast. The picturesque Apollo Bay provided this in spades. We spent our days lazily splashing about in the refreshingly cold surf, pointing out koalas along walking trails and sampling the town’s best food offerings.



Ever since I got my ice cream maker late last year, I’ve been rather reluctant to buy ice cream at ice cream parlours. I mean, why spend ~$5 for a scoop at a parlour when I can make a whole litre or more of my own for the same price? But when you’re at a beach side town, the wall of resistance is a lot harder to hold up. So collapse it did at Dooley’s Ice Cream – The Ice Cream Tub (89 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay VIC).


It was not just the crowd that convinced me to have an ice cream or 2 there, it was their wall full of awards. Award winning ice cream – this I had to try.


As if that wasn’t appealing enough, Dooley’s has a great range of flavours from the conventional to the quirky – Vegemite ice cream anyone? All the ice cream is made in-house by the passionate father and daughter team who run the show and love experimenting with flavours. The available flavours are rotated regularly, and even on my 2 day visit, I saw changes on the menu. $4.60 buys you a single scoop, ~$7.20 a double.


Day 1 I sampled a scoop of their award winning chestnut and a scoop of caramel panna cotta. Delicious. Both ice creams had a lovely richness to it. It was smooth as silk and really flavoursome.


Day 2 I decided to reign my indulgence back a little and only went for a single scoop of the coffee ripple. Full of coffee flavour and in my opinion, the best way to consume coffee on a hot day!


Dooley’s is an ice cream lover’s dream. Seriously one of the best ice cream parlours I’ve been to, the consistency of Dooley’s ice creams are just delightful. You can really taste the difference between Dooley’s and a franchised ice cream parlour brand. Worthy of all their awards and worthy of a visit to Apollo Bay for a taste.