Posted on September 15, 2011


Even with my very poor Italian, I knew Dolcetti (223 Victoria Street, West Melbourne VIC) would be full of sweet finds. Food Safari fans will note that it has been featured on the Italian episode, and the SBS based website even includes a recipe for soft nougat from Dolcetti’s pastry chef – Marianna Di Bartolo.

Dolcetti is a sweet little shop in between the Queen Victorian Market and Errol Street in North Melbourne. It’s well located for an afternoon pit spot in between going to the market and finding dinner. There is not much in terms of decoration, just a little display of crockery strung up in the front window. The high ceilings make the space seem bigger than it really is and the white walls plays well to this end too. Along the left is a long counter displaying the many cakes and pastries made in house, which also happen to be very reasonably priced. In the back is a serious looking pastry kitchen, and the remainder of the area is filled with small tables.

Their hot chocolate (~$3.70) is also made on premises and is said to resemble a ganache. We sampled their cinnamon flavoured one and found it rather pleasant. Smooth and spicy; not hot spicy, but true to the spice used. And how sweet is their crockery?!

The little tartlets were around $3.50 each and we tried the chocolate passionfruit and the vanilla pannacotta ones. The tart casing was ok, but not as short as it could have been. The chocolate passionfruit filling was a bit average. I found that the tang of the fruit overpowered the chocolate, but it was nonetheless smooth and quite fresh tasting. The vanilla pannacotta was the winner by far; it had a really lovely luxurious taste. I would have actually preferred having the pannacotta served on its own instead of in a tart shell.

Another worthy mention is their apple, rhubarb and strawberry danish ($4). I lost all sense and will power, buying it as a takeaway treat. Apologies for not taking a picture of it, but it was gobbled up before I had the chance. You’ll just have to take my word for it, it was pretty fantastic. If that was anything to go by, their other danishes will be delicious.

Great service and it’s a testament to the quality of their food and service standards that I noted plenty of smiling regulars (staff seem to know a number of customers by name and orders). Furthermore, this is the first place I’ve been to that, as of the end of August 2011, held a 100% rating with a decent voting pool (nearly 100!). What more convincing does one need – just go and see for yourself.