Roller Door

Posted on September 9, 2011


I’d first heard about Roller Door (13 Stawell Street, West Melbourne VIC) from an acquaintance and was pretty intrigued by it. It’s a cafe by the way, not just some random roller door. See – bet you’re interested now too. Before I even visited, I already had an image of a grungey looking place. A repurposed garage or something like that. So naturally, I needed to see if I was right. And if I was right, I wanted to see how it’s working.Around the corner for North Melbourne station and tucked behind Railway Hotel is a small shed covered in street art. A few makeshift tables and seats made of cushions on top of milk crates litters the front pavement for an al fresco experience. The effect is a causal and relaxed feel.  It seemed to be a nice little pit stop for a few bikers as well. The shed itself is quite basic; a counter and kitchenette on the right, bar seating for 3 on the left and a fridge up the back. I say kitchenette because there was all of a sink and a 2 burner hot plate. Top marks for making such a tiny space work with made to order meals. To the right of the shed, behind the corrugated iron fence, is a similarly sized courtyard.

Cooked breakfast on the weekend is a choice of bacon and eggs, corn fritters or eggs done ‘a bit Spanish’. When given the choice, we usually like to try something a bit out of the ordinary. So Spanish it was ($15): 2 poached eggs on toast, rosti, grilled chorizo and bacon with a sweet relish. Not bad, but not exactly good either.

The corn fritters with poached egg and bean shoots salad ($12) was similarly unimpressive. I do acknowledge the tight confines they are working within and yes it is a good effort to produce these dishes with such limited equipment, but the consequence is pretty average food.

Coffee ($3) fared better and they also have a cute little array of sweets on display, including macarons if you’re that way inclined. The concept is pretty cool and I do like the idea of stopping by for a coffee and chat with mates, but think I’d skip on the breakfast. Not that Roller Doll needs to worry too much about me anyway, seems like they have garnered enough popularity as it is.