Digital photography – why aren’t I seeing the benefits?

Posted on August 23, 2011


One could argue that it’ll be because I’m not doing it right. Perhaps so. But I suspect that I’m not alone wondering why, amongst all my thousands upon thousands of digital snaps, can’t I find more good enough photos to collate a decent coffee table book?

Of course I am being facetious, digital photography has many fantastic benefits that I need not delve into in this post. My question is that given we’re all taking more pictures (because the digital medium means it’s cheap and accessible), are we actually taking more pictures of value? Value being loosely defined as something worthy of showing your grandkids one day; that brilliant shot of family/friends in mid laughter. So we’re not talking pictures of food, quirky signs or pretty sunsets (hands up if you’re as guilty as I am on this count!); but the pictures with meaning and more importantly, pictures that describe relationships.

This issue is fresh on my mind because earlier this year I’d purchased one of those group buying vouchers for a photo book and now I’m desperately looking for photos to put into said book. This year alone, I’ve taken over 2,000 photos. That’s not even counting the ones I’ve deleted. So I’m averaging over 9.4 photos per day up till the end of July! What am I snapping? Food, various pretty scenes, flowers, quirky finds or just random things. What I am struggling to find are those uber important people shots. And I need enough to cover 60 A4 pages!

So consider this a social pledge, that I will endeavour to capture more photographs of those dear to me. I will endeavour to be less trigger happy, and just capture those moments/scenes that count the most. Most of all, I endeavour to take better pictures overall, so that this blog may flourish with a colourful array of what I see in life.

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