Naked for Satan

Posted on February 28, 2011


I must confess that I’ve been waiting to write about this place for a while now. So this may be a bit on the gushy side of things. See, I first heard about Naked for Satan (285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC) way back in September 2010. I had this place pegged as a ‘must visit’ since my friend first mentioned it to me. And months (and months) down the track, I finally got to sample it for myself.

A bit of online research and you’ll soon find out that Naked for Satan is very hip indeed. Apparently many are getting frustrated at the long lines to get in on a Friday and Saturday night. So I blame its popularity on why I am so late to the party.

It is essentially a bar that happens to serve good food. The interior is just fabulous, all the copper ware really makes a statement about its past history as a vodka distillery. If you care to read up on the history of the venue, you’d find that Leon Satanovich owned and operated the distillery back in the 1920s. He was nicknamed ‘Satan’, and apparently in the heat of Melbourne’s summer, Satan worked the distillery almost naked. And that’s the story of how this hip little number picked up its great name.

So now to explain the food element. Naked for Satan serves up pintxos, which is Spanish for bar snacks. I was fortunate enough to have first sampled how pintxos are done in Spain. Typically, plates of little snacks served on toast will be on display at the bar. A toothpick will hold the item of food on the bread. It’s like a buffet line with bite sized pieces to go with your beer or wine, and at the end of the night you count your toothpicks to pay. I, like many others before me, love it.

A single pintxos will set you back a measly $2 at Naked for Satan, but if you can get away at lunch, then you’re in for a real treat…they’re only 50c each. That wasn’t a typo. I repeat, 50c a piece. That’s under a dollar, I know! My mind is boggling at how cheap that is. And the food is delicious. They did not cut any corners. See a fraction of the selection below. To be honest, I was too busy looking at the food or munching to really concentrate on taking pictures of all the little morsels I sampled (sorry!). The cold pintxos are self serve at the bar and the hot pintxos come around in platters from the roaming waiters. My advice is not to think twice about those hot ones, just get it! One round of the floor and the platter will be empty.

I had 8 pintxos and was sufficiently, if not overly, full. $4 lunch and I had items like waygu beef, chorizo croquettes, eggplant fritters, garlic prawns…if you can find better value than that, I’d like to hear about it! Friends, I don’t know how long they will continue this 50c per pintxos madness, so get in quick. You have been warned.

Finally, to pay respects to this venue’s former life, Naked for Satan also have a great range of vodkas. $10 bought me a lovely tasting apple and cherry infused vodka with lime, cranberry and sparkling blood orange. I’m just counting the days till I can next visit. Hopefully a lunch soon, one where I don’t need to remain sober at! I just want to get Naked again.