Gourmet on Gamon

Posted on January 17, 2011


There are many things to love about the holiday season: number 1 being time off, be it work or study. Woot. In my books that’s enough reason to celebrate. But there is one minor factor that can dampen the holiday cheer…that being, everyone else is on holidays too! You know when you just discover you have no more butter or milk in the house and desperately need/want to pop down to the local groceries only to discover everything’s closed. Or even worse…when you want to enjoy your days off lounging away in a cafe/bar with some mates only to realise none of your favourite hangouts are open. It’s moments like those that I dislike and selfishly wish for other people to be at work! Luckily for me, there are some hardworking folk at Gourmet on Gamon (84 Gamon Street, Yarraville VIC) who managed to get up and open for service on the first day of the year. Well done. I liked them already based on that fact so this post will be somewhat biased.

Gourmet on Gamon is another one of my accidental finds. We had set out to lunch in the ever charming Yarraville village only to find all bar one cafe closed. Being the only one open, it also happened to be chocka block. As serendipity would have it, I had taken a wrong turn prior to reaching the village and thus noticed some activity on the nearby Gamon Street, leading me to venture back that way…and this brings me to the story of this quaint little cafe.

Is it just me or does the frontage look like a pub from a distance?

Closer up – not so much.The interior is fairly typical of Melbourne cafes, there’s an obligatory communal table and some window seats. The thing I find rather cute and unique is their use of old school deli counters. It gives the place a nice retro look while displaying progressive thinking (hello recycling at its best!) at the same time, I definitely like that. Love how they even kept the ‘superior smallgoods’ signage.

Breakfast is served here well past noon, a lunch menu is also on offer, some of which is on display in the front counter. Prices start at under $10 for smaller items up to the mid teens so it’s quite reasonable. I had the french toast with bacon ($12). The toast was eggy without being soggy so we’re onto a good start. The only let down was that they were a tad too heavy handed with the maple syrup for my tastes, otherwise I have no complaints.

My companion had the English fry up which was toast with poached eggs (or fried if you so wished), sausages and baked beans ($14…I think?). The eggs past the test, they were nice and runny. Tick.A very quick spot of researching revealed that some diners have been rather underwhelmed or even disappointed with their experience at Gourmet on Gamon, with over cooked eggs or snotty service. I’m happy to report that this was not the case on my visit, and hopefully they’ve resolved all their past issues as I’d like to be a repeat customer. It’s a nice spot and I’m so thrilled to have another good coffee hangout in the West!