Dolls at the Mount

Posted on October 24, 2010


How better to spend lunch on a gloriously sunny day, than in the company of a good friend for some scones and tea at nan’s place? If only I had a nan who liked to baked scones and have me over for tea. But no worries, for those of us going without, there is Dolls at the Mount (54 Mount Street, Heidelburg VIC). It feels like you’re stepping into a little old lady’s home, lots of pink, lots of lacy tablecloths and doilies around, and of course being a doll museum, there are plenty of dolls as well.  To complete the homely feel of the place, you even have to ring the door bell to get in. It’s bookings only folks – you wouldn’t show up to nan’s place completely unannounced now would you?

It’s a curious place. The museum part of the place doubles as a private function room and includes a large collection of dolls and toys from as far back as the 1920s. I personally find dolls a bit freaky, so I am more happy to stay in the main service area. Anyway, so it’s a doll museum in an old weatherboard house just a stone’s throw from the Austin Hospital in a pretty nondescript street, it’s actually not even near the little strip of shops. It is quite literally just a house with a small sign on the front.

The menu is limited to high tea (morning/afternoon tea), centered around their famed scones. There’re a few varieties of these: plain, cheese, chesse and vegemite as well as chocolate. They come baked to order and are served warmed and fluffy. Menu choices are pretty much variations of devonshire tea, the simplest of which is just tea/coffee with a serve of scones. Or you can get the larger offerings that come with roly poly sandwiches or savory pastries.

Today we had just had devonshire tea with one serve of  the cheese scones and a serve of the plain ones. I now know why they have the reputation of some of the best scones in Melbourne, you just can’t top freshly baked. It’s also one of the lightest scones I’ve had. And I quite like their jam as well…not your regular strawberry and raspberry jam, we got blackberry. Yum.

For those with an eye for detail, yes the butter comes in cute little heart shapes, and yup they also have their own brand of pink fairy sugar. It really does not get more twee than this!

It’s also great for kids. They have special kid’s tea sets with little cakes and all. The ladies at Dolls also do takeaway cupcakes for $1.50 a pop. Admittedly they are a bit smaller than your normal sized cupcakes, but given it already costs $2 for a ‘mini cupcake’ at most cupcake stores, these are more than a bargain. Fluffy vanilla cake with sugary butter icing. Again, these are uber girly being decorated with pink icing, flowers and glitter, but very nice.

So all in all, a cute concept and great high tea! It’s a very girly set up indeed, but guys, if you can get over the pink cuteness of it all, the scones are totally worth it.