Posted on September 22, 2010


A dear friend had recommended this place to me, and being rather fond of crepes and chocolate, it became my mission to try it out. Fraus (345 Victoria Street, North Melbourne VIC) boasts of truly European style ‘seriously rich’ hot chocolates and crepes in an attempt to differentiate itself from the million and one other chocolate bars around town.

It’s a nice space, but the decor isn’t anything outstanding, it’s pretty similar to most chocolate bars, although they do offer outdoor seating in the front along the busy Victoria street or in a cute little courtyard out the back where heat lamps provide warmth for the winter and shades will provide relief in the summer. I think this courtyard could well be what sets Fraus apart from the rest, otherwise let me know if you are aware of any other chocolate/dessert bar with outdoor seating.

Onto the tasting side of things…I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Koko Black sets the bar for hot chocolates for me…and nope, I’m sorry to report that Fraus was not able to top it, I would rate it above the average powdery tasting varieties though. Being in the mood for a dose of caffine, but yet oh so eager to try their speciality, made the coffee hot chocoalte an obvious choice :). It was rich. It was also thick. Even thicker than Coco Inc’s offering in Northcote. It had a nice coffee flavour throughout and wasn’t too sweet which made it quite easy to drink. And I loved how it was served in an oversized cup and saucer – too cute!

Crepewise, it was hard to go against the Summer berry crepe with ganache and white chocolate. It was a pretty big serving, it’s probably a wise thing to share a crepe if you’re also going for a rich drink. Berry anything is nice, but I thought the ganache tasted more like custard and as such, I didn’t think the flavours worked that well for me.

I spied around at other diners and felt pangs of jealousy as the other crepes looked quite good. Fraus also does savory buckwheat crepes and hosts a modest breakfast menu – and who doesn’t like a crepe for a wake up call?