Ebi fine food

Posted on September 21, 2010


Ebi fine food (18A Essex Street, Footscray VIC) is a rather strange name because it doesn’t really mean much. Ebi is the Japanese word for prawn, so effectively the place is called Prawn fine food. Odd. This is not the only strange thing about Ebi. It’s the fact that it’s a Japanese inspired (the name being the giveaway here) fish and chiperry located in Footscray. The suburb known to have about a million Vietnamese and more recently, African eateries but little else on offer, let alone anything remotely Japanese.

So anyway when I first learnt of this place through The Age, I’d been keen to try it out. It has only taken me 3 attempts (the other 2 times it had been closed), but finally, I have dined at Ebi!

It’s a cute little place, very much a take away joint, with exactly 6 available seats along the front bench (yes I counted). We opted to dine in that fateful Wednesday night, and it was cosy. The owner is a pretty friendly chap and offers cups of steaming green tea to all his customers, most of whom were there for a take away fish and chip dinner. I like that locals’ hangout kinda vibe.

As a starter, we had the crab croquettes ($2.50 each). This is usually a favourite of mine, and Ebi delivered. Crunchy on the outside, then soft and creamy on the inside. Great way to get me hungry for more food! Having read that the slow cooked pork belly was a goodie, it was a no brainer to try it myself. It was pretty tasty. Succulent pieces of pork in a slightly sweet sauce served with rice, salad and some pickled veg for $13 (I think). It’s rather similar to a Chinese soy braised pork belly dish I like. Yum.

The bento of the day was a chicken offering, with fried chicken, chicken skewer and a fried chicken dumpling type thing and it comes with all the regular bento type trimmings as well for $10. It was a good pick which made good use of their deep fryer.

To be honest, the food is fairly humble, but not necessarily a cheap feed. Well not compared to what else is on offer in the area. But it is definitely something new, a local fish and chip shop with a difference. Perhaps next time, I’ll actually try their headline offering of deep fried goodies…that’ll be an idea…