Chef Lagenda

Posted on September 13, 2010


I LOVE Malaysian food, but until quite recently I haven’t found very many places dishing up the food. Or maybe I just haven’t really taken all that much notice of the cuisine until the last couple of years? Anyhow, Chef Lagenda (16 Pin Oak Cresent, Flemington VIC) is a new-ish kid on the block, situated next door to the famed Laksa King. There’s no doubt that there’s enough demand for M’sian food in Flemington, the queues outside the old (smaller) Laksa King are a testament to that! But will the new kid be able to capitalise on this and poach customers from it’s neighbour?

Having visited both for lunch and dinner, I’d say yes. Chef Lagenda is pitched a little differently, with more dinner/main type dishes on offer. But first let me evaluate their noodles. Unfortunately that lunch, I was in the mood for fried foods, and as such did not sample their laksa so I cannot comment on how it compares with Laksa King.

We had their kuei teow and the claypot drop noodles, both of which were priced at or just under the $10 mark and the servings are huge. Taste wise, they were ok, not a stand out though. The kuei teow was a bit on the bland side of things, not enough heat compared to more likeable versions. The claypot drop noodles were again a little on the bland side of things. I also found it a bit dry. I prefer Old Town Kopitiam’s rendition where they crack a raw egg over the noodles so that it cooks in the hot dish making the noodles all gooey, but that’s just me.

The dinner is better (ps. the lunch and dinner were had on different days!). We had an entree of chicken satay skewers followed by a tofu and vegie stir fry and the baked curry prawns accompanied with chicken rice. The rice was flavoursome and still nice and fluffy, the stir fry was tasty and the prawns were a winner! Despite being super full, we managed to clean up the lot.

The food in general is very tasty, it’s just that if you know good Malaysian, then you’ll find it a bit hit and miss. Overall it is a nice venue for a good reasonably priced feed. The fit out is comfortable, exposed bricks and wooden paneling make it appear very rustic and chilled. Only downside is that the layout is a bit strange and makes the place feel a bit small. There’s a staircase right smack bang in the centre of the place, so it creates some awkward corners where it can be a little hard getting the staff attention if you’re a bit tucked around the bend.

I think I’ll need another visit to try out their laksa and I’ll report back then.