Co Klat

Posted on August 30, 2010


What can be a more enticing way to get out of the cold streets than ducking into a warming little chocolate bar? And Melbourne is really spoilt for choice in terms of chocolate experiences, hello to Max Brenners, Koko Black, San Churros et al. In the last few years, new chocolate bars have been popping up left, right and centre; all hoping to cash in on the success of the forerunners in this lurative market. Every few months I’ll hear of a new place to experience chocolate, it really was only a matter of time till the West got it’s own chocolate offering.

Co Klat (1/11D Murray Street, Yarraville VIC) has been in operation for about 9 months (as advised by the lovely lady behind the counter) in the heart of the village just around the corner from the Sun Theatre. As with most of the places in Yarraville, it’s rather small but the space is cosy. A pretty trail of baubles light up the shop front and provide an inviting atmosphere to lure in street lurkers and those hurrying off to/from the train station.

As with all hip little venues these days, there’s a communal table providing the central focal point, a few tables shattered around, some stools along the window bar and funky lighting features.

There’s a range of hot chocolates on offer including the now ubiquitous chilli flavour. I’ve tried their original and hazelnut flavours. I rate all hot chocolates against Koko Black’s, which is a VERY hard one to top and still I have not come across a single serious contender against it. Koko Black’s hot chocolate remain the best. However, having said that, Co Klat’s one isn’t too bad. It’s pretty run of the mill stuff being of the powdered cocoa variety. The hazelnut flavour is a lot better with quite an intense nuttiness, I would recommend this over the original.

Dessert wise, they have the usual range of small cakes on display (sticky date pudding, berry cheesecake, chocolate melt, carrot cake etc) as well as waffles. The plain waffle with berry topping is quite nice. Their waffles are more cake like though so they’re less sweet than normal, which is not a bad thing in my books.

I’ve also tried their strawberry waffle, as in the actual waffle has strawberries through it, but I didn’t find it all that strawberry tasting. Oh wells. The chocolate melt was a bit of a let down as well. It was meant to have chocolate sauce oozing out, but it did not, I think it was just a tad overdone. Taste wise it was pretty nice though.

Overall, some hits and misses, it’s not the premier chocolate experience, but then again the west is not really ready for the high end stuff. It’s a decent cafe, and a place that is filling up the sugary void out my way.