Taste of Melbourne 2010

Posted on August 28, 2010


In a city obsessed with food – good food, and where to find it, it was little surprise that the Taste of Melbourne food festival/exhibition drew a big crowd on Friday night. $27.50 (or $30 at the door) buys you entry with food and drinks extra. Luckily for me, I managed to score some free tickets which made for a pretty cheap and fab night out.

There were some pretty big names there including newcomer maze by Gordon Ramsey, The European and Longrain. Ha, and I just named all the menus I tried that night. The $12 cured salmon from maze was very good, such delicate flavours and the fish was just divine! The duck tortelli with pea puree and truffle oil from The European was very underwhelming though. It sounded delicious, it had one of my favorite meats and truffle oil – I love the taste of truffle infused oils…but it just was…average. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t particularly good. Definitely not worth the $8 for a measly little tortelli where the meat didn’t even taste of duck, it tasted more like random sausage meat. Longrain served up a wonderfully tender yellow wagyu beef curry that was well worth the $12.

Other worthy mentions include the Jam Lady from Yarra Valley, Beechworth Honey, King Island Dairy, Movenpicks of Switzerland (LOVE the maple walnut ice cream!), Rochester Ginger and Toby’s Estate.

Oh and I’m also very glad that Australia is beginning to incorporate ginger flavours into things like drinks, honey, jams etc. Am very happy with my creamy ginger honey :).