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Göz city

March 29, 2014



If you’ve ever had a gözleme from the stall at the Queen Victoria Market night market, chances are you’ve wondered the same thing as me: why isn’t there a shop/cafe selling these outside of the night market?! Well finally the food world has responded and given us  Göz city (502 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC). […]

Toblerone cheesecake

March 22, 2014



I’m actually not a huge fan of cheesecakes. So it’s a little ironic that I often find myself making cheesecake, purely because some of my nearest and dearest happen to love it. If I had to choose a cheesecake to eat, this would be my pick because the Toblerone takes away some of the cheesiness. […]

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Two beans and a farm

March 17, 2014



People who know me will know that I will travel for food. This is why I found myself all the way in Mernda this dreary weekend past, at Two beans and a farm (10 Hathfelde Boulevard, Mernda VIC) in the Carome Homestead. For those of you scratching your heads wondering where on earth Mernda is; […]

Warm beef and watercress salad

March 12, 2014



This is going to be like a merger of the two themes from my February posts – it’s a Vietnamese style salad :). Now I can’t really vouch for how authentic my recipe is going to be, I kinda made it up as a went along. All I had to go on was beef and […]

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Vietnamese pâté chaud (bánh patê sô)

February 28, 2014



I always use to look forward to getting a pipping hot patê sô from the Vietnamese bakeries when mum did her shopping in the markets. I loved the buttery pastry and the tasty meat filling inside. This will be just a short post recreating a childhood love of mine. Patê sô is the Vietnamese adaptation […]

Halloumi and caramelised figs salad

February 22, 2014



As promised, here is the salad recipe I previewed in the last post. This time though, the recipe hasn’t been inspired from any recent meals, it was just borne from the fact that my parent’s fig tree has started to fruit. So again, I’ve been spoilt with a nice supply of plump figs. Previous experience […]

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Eggplant, quinoa, barley and hazelnut salad

February 19, 2014



If you have been as indulgent as I have been over the first couple of weeks of February, you should be practicing some clean eating too. So here I am trying to be helpful to compensate  for the lack of posts this month. This is a seasonal, tasty and filling salad that features one of […]

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Fish in spicy coconut sauce

January 31, 2014



Happy new year guys! Yes Chinese new year (CNY) has come around again :). The past week or so has been a little nutty with getting things ready. I’ve spent the long weekend cleaning the house, getting all my gift shopping in order, making CNY treats and preparing for the big family dinner tonight (officially […]

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Cobb Lane

January 18, 2014



Here I am reviewing a bakery/cafe just after saying I rarely take photos when eating out nowadays…well I do like to contradict myself every so often. Keeps life interesting ;). Anyhow Cobb Lane (13 Anderson Street, Yarraville VIC) has been on my radar for a while so I felt like I needed to write this […]

Barley water

January 14, 2014



Fellow Melbournians how are you coping in this heat wave? 35°C yesterday, a top of 44.5°C today and still in the 40′s until the cool change hits on Friday night. Eeekkk! This girl does not handle the hot very well so strategies need to be in place to prepare me for the worst. When one […]

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Avocado, bacon and eggs smash

January 6, 2014



Smashed avocado alongside bacon and eggs has pretty much become ubiquitous on brunch menus across Melbourne. It’s not too hard to see why; we’re all trying to pack more greens into our meals and it’s helpful to start the day off on the right foot. But with popularity comes uniformity and we’ve become all too […]

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Cauliflower popcorn

January 2, 2014



I hope you had a fantastic close to 2013 and a wonderful start to the new year. Mine was surrounded by good friends and good food. It is incredibly self indulgent to praise my own food, but you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that my guests gobbled these up with glee. […]

Ginger crème brûlée

December 30, 2013



I’m feeling sufficiently bad for having only posted once this month. What can I say? Life has a habit of getting in the way. And it’s December; we all know how mad the festive season can get! Anyway I’m finally back to make amends and close the year with this final post. It only seems […]

Steamed taro cake (芋頭糕)

December 4, 2013



Earlier this year I bought a proper steamer with the intention of making more steamed goodies. By proper, I mean one of those big ass Asian style steamers. See this is the type of steamer you need if you really want to make serious steamed treats, not those piddly little electronic ones. Before I got […]

Strawberry kiwi ‘mojito’

November 30, 2013



I’m feeling a little guilty for making only made 2 posts this month. And both of them being brown foods, how monotone does that make my homepage look?! Think of this as an effort to put some colour back into my web presence. Red and green because Christmas is just around the corner – less […]

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Coffee nut loaf

November 26, 2013



A friend recently accused me of being unable to follow a recipe, pointing to the pool of evidence embedded in this very blog where I tweak this or tweak that whenever I mention a recipe. It was with mock outrage that I tried to defend myself, surely I can follow instructions! In fact, I had […]


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